About Me

Hi, I'm Crystal.

I love many things: fluffy cats, a well-organized planner, Mongolian folk rock music. So what's up with this blog?

I wanted to be a scientist so badly. I had this vision of spending my days hunched over a lab bench and winning the Nobel Peace Prize for uncovering the cause of social anxiety.

It took me 25 years, a bachelor's in biology and psychology, and a handful of rejection letters from top-tier graduate schools to realize that I didn't want that anymore. I had quelled and conquered my teenage angst. I was ready to move on.

I love to write, and I still love science. But I don't want to do it for a career. Furthermore, I love goal-setting. And was it obvious that I liked cats? Yeah, I love cats too. (That's my cat, right there.)

So here I am.

I hope to share Grenzo—my beautiful, weird cat—with you. Maybe you'll check out my science pages and maybe they won't bore you senseless. And if it'd tickle your fancy, skim through my lifestyle posts.

The world is rich with fascinating stories to unearth. I suppose I should bring a shovel.


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