What's this Blog About?...And How I Spent Valentine's Day

Introducing What's Up? Wednesday and Science Sundays

After running around like a madman, I've finally decided on a regular blogging schedule:

What's Up? Wednesday will be a regular posting on Wednesdays (go figure). I'll write about any topic that tickles my fancy or whatever is going on in my life. I envision it'll be a mix of food and exercise topics because—and I'm legally bound to say this—I'm vegan and I do CrossFit (granted, I'm a newbie CrossFitter). 

Science Sunday will not be a regular, weekly post. I plan on spending a decent chunk of time working on these posts and I want them to be high quality, thorough, and truthful. I will aim to have a Science Sunday post bi-weekly. What's Up? Wednesday will be a great opportunity for you guys to comment on what you'd like to see for a Science Sunday.

All posts will feature a stunning photo of my beautiful, majestic cat, Grenzo. (Free of charge—how generous!) I can't call myself a crazy cat scientist and not show off my furry child.

How I Spent Valentine's Day: Dinner, a Movie, and Games

Because we had the house to ourselves last weekend, my fiancé, Chris, and I took full advantage of lazing about the house. Normally I want to go out and do things (any excuse for a trip, am I right?), but with how hectic the past couple weeks have been all I wanted to do was laundry, meal prep, and enjoy my fiancé's, company. Nobody ever said getting older was glamorous. (You're 25 Crystal, sheesh).

Okay, so laundry doesn't sound romantic. Luckily we did other things, too. Stop with your dirty mind.

The day began with Dominion, a deck-building game I am completely obsessed with. Nothing says love more than trash-talking your significant other because he bought all the Provinces when you weren't looking.

We weren't always foodies. Well, I was. But since Chris went vegan about a year ago, we've been trying out new recipes. For dinner, we did a tried and true favorite, scalloped potatoes; a new recipe that didn't disappoint, collard slaw; and classic steamed broccoli. For dessert, black bean brownies. And to top it all off: a candle, Joe Hisaishi playlist, and a bottle of our favorite peach Moscato.

While we usually watch Netflix or YouTube with our food, I wanted to relish the meal and cherish our time together. When we were kids, dinnertime used to be family time. Time to sit around the table and talk to each other. When we eat distracted, even if we're right next to someone, it feels isolative to me. I've genuinely missed spending time with Chris and I didn't want anything stealing my attention.

After dinner, we watched Ant-Man and the Wasp. Neither of us saw the first movie, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. I like anything with Paul Rudd.

We wrapped up the night playing Overcooked 2, on Steam. As if we hadn't cooked enough today.


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