The Big Day

Adoption Day: September 9, 2017

I'm here early, but not early enough. A gaggle of little old ladies crowds the door to Bay County Animal Control, cooing over their fur babies. It's free adoption day for cats and all of them have been vaccinated and fixed at no charge.

I shift uncomfortably and throw Chris, my fiancee, angry pouts. I've got my eyes on the cat of my dreams. I refuse to let any of these sweet, innocent, devious, little ladies win.

Days before, I visited the shelter. I loved this kitten the moment I looked into his hazelnut eyes. He was perfection: cuddly, adorable, and majestic. His tiny paws stretched through the cage bars, his meows soft and sweet. I swear I heard "Angel" playing in the background from the Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercials.

I knew he was the one. Now was the time.

Generally, I'm pretty patient. But I couldn't wait. I could not. I rocked back and forth. My eyes darted around the room, scrutinizing everyone in my path. One by one, we were slowly let into the animal area. There, the free-for-all begins.

These ladies hadn't done their research - they didn't know they walked past the perfect cat. With incredible focus and tenacity, I zipped into that room, unlocked that cage, and scooped up that beautiful boy.

I did it.

He quickly got comfortable in our home. He actually snuggled on my lap. He played, he ate, he pooped; everything he did was absolutely perfect. Lord, help me now. I've fallen and there's no getting up. This cat is my life now.

The Name

It took a few days to decide on a name. We debated whether we should keep his shelter name; we figured he didn't have it very long so we chose to come up with a new one. Chris really wanted to name him "Noodle" but he didn't look like a Noodle to me.

There's a poster of this scruffy goblin in our bedroom. He's from Magic The Gathering, a trading card game. The goblin's name is "Grenzo, Dungeon Warden," or "Grenzo, Havoc Raiser." I wouldn't say he spends much time in dungeons, but he definitely raises havoc.

Grenzo. It fits. He was also known as Lonzo, Lorenzo, or Glonzo by our friends.

His middle name, Wankershim, came when the need to scold him arrived. He's cute, but man, what a wanker. "Grenzo" doesn't have enough syllables for a proper scolding. Chris and I are big fans of Cartoon Hangover's show, Bravest Warriors. The popular phrase, "it's always been Wankershim" hit close to home when he shredded our toilet paper and knocked another roll in the toilet.

Grenzo Today - February 16, 2019

 I still swoon over him. I stay mad at him for about 2.39 seconds before I apologize. I have a folder in my phone devoted to him with 188 pictures in it. He's bigger, fluffier, and cuddlier than I could have ever dreamed. I can't believe how lucky I am to have found him.


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