Meet the Cat Behind the Scientist

Grenzo Wankershim

Birth Date: ~ April 18, 2017
Adoption Date: September 9, 2017

Sex: He'll never have it. Oh, you meant male.
Breed: Fluffy boi
Animal Shelter Name: Lil Bit

Hobbies: biting feet; running in the basement; role-playing as a rooster to deter anyone from sleeping-in; playing with feathers and his turbo scratcher circle toy; watching birds from the window perch or on his favorite bird-watching shows; lying in the bathtub, no matter how wet it is; jumping into everything: boxes, lunch bags, grocery bags regardless of the contents...if he fits, he sits

Favorite Foods: Peanut butter; ice cream; tortilla chips; meat; grass

Dislikes: Bananas; pickles; windy days

A typical day, as told by Grenzo

I usually get up around 3 AM. I jump down from my luxurious bed on the shelf and onto my owners' bed. Sometimes I land on Crystal's stomach. Then, I like to hit these really neat dangly cords against the wall until dad wakes up and kicks me out of the room. It's so unfair - I'm just trying to get him ready for the day. And I'm hungry.

When mom wakes up I follow her into the bathroom. I'll roll around on the floor for a while and let her pet my belly until THAT'S TOO MANY PETS. Sometimes, I sit on her lap while she pees. The rest of the morning I pretty much follow her around until Uncle Justin gets up and pushes me on the floor. I love a good tussle in the morning.

By mid-day, I'm watching the outdoor cats from my window perch. Peasants.

I work very hard knocking things over. Buckets of grape tomatoes, stacks of cards. No one appreciates it. So ungrateful. The rest of the day I spend napping or running around manically. Play hard, sleep hard.

I retire to bed anywhere from 7-9 PM. Gotta get my rest, you know?


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