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I can't sleep or exercise because I'm anxious but I need to sleep and exercise because I'm anxious

I have this issue that makes my mind blather incessantly. "Do I need a towel on my trip?" "I've gotta remember change for the bus tomorrow." "How many bridesmaids want their hair done for the wedding? "I need to exercise tomorrow morning. For sure this time." "What should the groomsmen's boutonni√®res look like? Thinking is great but it's annoying when you're trying to sleep. You might call it scatter-brained (and I often do), but when it's intrusive I call it something else: anxiety. Lucky for you, there are two wonderful supplements to help you cope with anxiety: sleep and exercise . But there's a problem with that—if your anxiety keeps you up at night, you lose both. Tomorrow gets slogged with too-bitter coffee, and by the end of the day, there's nothing left. Any exercise beyond flopping on the couch is a far-off fantasy. If you were getting enough sleep and exercising regularly though, you'd be

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